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Magma Electrical

Renewable Energy Professionals

Our Services

Your one stop shop for renewable energy solutions


PV Systems

Grid Connected PV Systems

Whether you need a string system, optimised or micro inverter system.

We use products that are trusted by us and the industry to get you sorted!


Energy Storage Systems

AC, DC or Hybrid battery systems

Start storing your excess solar power for use when the sun is not shining and stop exporting to the grid, YOUR power is better in YOUR hands!

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Stand Alone Power Systems

Suburban And Rural Off Grid Solutions

If you are unable to have your property connected to the grid for one reason or another, then please get in touch so we can tailor a design specific to you.


General Electrical

General Electrical Maintenance and installs

On top of offering solutions for PV, Energy Storage and Off Grid, we also offer our services to take care of all your household electrical needs, from as little as power point install to whole house lighting upgrade.

Our background


Magma Electrical, have had the pleasure of travelling to various parts of urban and remote sections of Australia to provide and install a vast range of renewable energy solutions.

Throughout these years Magma Electrical has had so much exposure to the industry that they have gained a wealth of knowledge.


The founder greatly wanted to share his knowledge and experiences with as many as he could. So we founded Magma Electrical in the hope to find like minded individuals to help not only grow ourselves but the industry aswell.

Get to know the team

Where we are now


Magma Electrical has completed as of June 1st 2023, One thousand and forty PV systems across Victoria, equating to roughly ten megawatts of solar power, in addition to this we have provided 950kwh worth of batteries to on grid homes.

We currently have a small team of six apprentices and electricians and two admin staff working out of a moderately sized warehouse in Carrum Downs.


We are partners with Solaris finance and Brighte finance, which allows us to offer our residential and commercial clients competitive rates if they wish to choose a loan option for their on grid, off grid and energy storage solutions.

Where we will be

Our future plan

Our plan for the future is to help Australia meet their goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

While we are on this journey with Australia we see ourselves expanding our in house team by 400% in the next five years, which will see us completing at least 500kw worth of PV systems a month.

We are also going to be heavily invested in the roll out of Vehicle To Grid technology when it becomes available as this will, in our opinion, be the more chosen choice for in home storage and back up power supply in the event of a grid outage. The mere thought of using your vehicle to power your home at night and then recharge it through the day while still powering your house with solar power is outstanding.

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